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7/23/20 New USATF Connect membership portalclick here to see instructions for officials’ information on the new membership portal.
3/8/20 2020 OUTDOOR MEET SCHEDULE  click here
1/1/20 2020 INDOOR MEET SCHEDULE   click here
1/1/20 Certification/Training Clinic
Jan 25th at CU, Boulder
8:30 am – 12:30 pm; contact Rich Schornstein for details and to sign up

11/13/19 2020 INDOOR MEET SCHEDULE   click here
Congrats to John Carmony, Terry Femmer, Ed Latimer, and Matt Manzione - recipients  of the 2019 USATF  National Officials Committee Outstanding Service Award for their work in conducting competitions this past year.
12/1/18 Selections for 2019 National Championships
Congrats to the following Colorado officials who were selected to officiate 2019 championships:  Lauren Hill, Randy Hopkins, Marty Johnson, Spook Halik, Jim Murphy, Barb Newland, Dan Pierce, Rich Schornstein, Tanya Schwindt, Bob Volzer, Ben Whisenton.  They’ll be working the USATF Indoor and Outdoor championship meets.

Congratulations to Spook Halik, Randy Hopkins, John Little and Tom Southall - recipients of the 2018 USATF  National Officials Committee Outstanding Service Award for their work in conducting competitions this past year.

Past news
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We currently have a great crew of certified officials in Colorado; a breakout is shown below
Colorado Certified Officials as of January 1, 2020

Apprentice Association National Master Emeritus  Total  Men   Women
26 30 17 18 1 92 72% 28%

Nationally, there are about 5,000 certified officials; 27% are Apprentice; 28% are Associate; 23% are National; and 22% are Master level.  70% men and 30% women

Certification Overview

The benefits of USATF officials' certification include: certification recognized nation-wide; training; opportunities to work regional and national championship meets; a USATF rule book; official's ID card and pin; and more.

Training and certification of officials is central to USATF's goal of ensuring fair and safe competitive opportunities for athletes.  USATF recognizes an official's skill development through four progressive levels of certification: Apprentice, Association, National, and Master; plus an Emeritus category. Officials are certified on an overall basis, and also for specific disciplines. 

Certification Requirements 
See full details at the USATF Officials’ Certification page at this page.

  • Certification Application
  • Photo
  • Age 18 or over

Send  your items to Rich Schornstein or bring them to a clinic.

New officials may apply for initial Apprentice level certification at any time.  Certified officials are recertified for each four year Olympiad at the end of the year following the Olympic Summer Games. 

Officials may seek advancement to higher levels of certification when they meet the criteria, as outlined in the chart below.  Advancement from one level to another is earned through knowledge of the rules  and demonstrated proficiency and achieving specific criteria for each level.  Checklists for those skills have been developed for most disciplines.  Upgrade to Association or National levels requires a National or Master level official to sign off on the “Training and Certification Upgrade Checklist” items for the candidate; an upgrade to the Master level requires a Master official to sign off.

Here are the checklists:   Throws       Horizontal Jumps       Vertical Jumps       Clerk       Umpire

Use this form to request an upgrade of your certification level.

Certification Upgrade Criteria

(From the National Officials Committee Certification Regulation)

Criteria Upgrade to  
Association Level
Upgrade to         National Level Upgrade to
Master level
Serve in current certification          level for at least 2 years 2 years 2 years
Work a minimum number of meets at the current certification level in the discipline concerned At least 8 Meets At least 10 meets; of which 2 must be outside home Assn, or be Regn’l, Nat’l, or Internat’l meet.  Serve as an event head for at least 2 meets. At  least 12 meets; of which 2 must be Regn’l, Nat’l, or Internat’l meets; plus 2 more of those, or 2 outside home Assn.  Serve as an event head for at least 4 meets.        
Have positive written upgrade recommendations from officials worked with or under From 1 Master or 1 National level official From 2 Master, or 1 Master & 1 National level official From 3 Master level officials
Complete required Rules Reviews with minimum required score Yes, for overall upgrade; or for a graded discipline with a test Yes, for overall upgrade; or for a graded discipline with a test Yes, for overall upgrade; or for a graded discipline with a test
Meet any additional criteria established by your Association Yes Yes Yes
Meet the certification level definition of being ready to: Take on more responsibility in home association meets Take on more responsibility outside home Assn, & serve as a head official within home Assn Serve as a head official at major regional and national meets

Training Clinics for Colorado Officials

One of the requirements for certification is attendance at certification and recertification clinics.  The Colorado Association conducts officials' training clinics in December and January of each year to help develop and improve the skills of its members, and to satisfy training requirements for certification.  We provide both classroom instruction & discussion, as well as practical demonstrations on the track.  

See information about the clinics in the "News" section above.

New Officials' Certification Clinics - If you believe you can gather 7 or more individuals interested in becoming a certified official, we'll be gald to travel to a location and put on a clinic.  Contact Rich or Marty to schedule one.

Officials' Best Practices

The USATF National Officials Committee has created a library of more than 100 "Best Practices" documents, developed by experienced officials around the country on almost all events and officiating positions.  They go beyond the rulebooks to cover individual event planning and control; venue preparation; briefings to athletes and officials' crews; evaluation of officials' performance; and much more.  Most are one page documents that can be laminated to keep on a clipboard, or to use as training materials.

Visit the Best Practices site occasionally to view new and updated materials -- each has a version date on it, and more than 10 new or updated documents have been posted in the last six months.   Use them as is, or modify them to suit your needs; and help spread the word to other officials about the existence of these valuable materials.

Officiating Opportunities
We encourage you to keep your skills current and to help with conducting competitions for athletes by working as many meets as you can.  Just get in touch with the officials' coordinator or contact person for the competition and offer your help.

  • To view opportunities to officiate at competitions within Colorado visit the News section on this page.  
  • To view opportunities to officiate at competitions across the country click here.

Becoming an Official
We're seeking men and women to serve as competition officials.  Officials work on a volunteer basis at youth, high school, masters, college, and open track and field as well as cross country meets; road racing; and race walking events in Colorado.  No previous experience is necessary; training is provided in classrooms and on the job.
If you're already assisting with competition, our certification process can help improve your skills and lead to work at larger meets such as regional and national championships throughout the country.
What's the first step?  Please take a look at the "Certification", "Training", and "Officiating Opportunities" pages here on our site.  Then make contact with one of the following individuals who can answer your questions and make arrangements to get you started as an Apprentice official.  We'll be glad to have you join us!

   >  Boulder area and University of Colorado:  Dan Pierce 
   >  Fort Collins area and Colorado State University: Rich Ricketts
   >  US Air Force Academy:  Jim Murphy
   >  Colorado Springs & State-wide: Marty Johnson

USATF National Officials Committee
The National Officials Committee has a comprehensive website with many valuable resources. Click here to visit this site and be sure to navigate through the various screens on the menu on the left hand side of the page.  The National Officials Committee publishes a useful periodic electonic newsletter - click here to subscribe

Track & Field Rules
To access the various rulebooks for track and field, you have two options:

  1. View online:
    1. IAAF, USATF, and NCAA rulebooks - go to this USATF site
    2. Paralympic rulebook - go to this IPC site
  2. Purchase a hard copy rulebook:
    1. IAAF rulebook ($13.50 plus shipping), or USATF rulebook ($10.00 plus shipping) - go to this USATF site (you will need a password that can be obtained from Rich Schornstein).
    2. NCAA rulebook ($10,00 plus shipping) - go to this NCAA site
    3. High School rulebook or casebook ($10.00 each plus shipping) - go to this NFHS site

Note:  Colorado officials receive a complimentary current year USATF rulebook in the first year in which they are certified or recertified for the current Olympiad..

Uniforms & Equipment
Officials are expected to dress appropriately and maintain a professional appearance at all times.  Bring appropriate gear for all types of weather.  Meet management may specify a uniform for specific meets.  If not otherwise specified, the National uniform is always acceptable; it consists of:

  • National uniform polo shirt                           Brown or khaki belt
  • Khaki slacks, shorts or skirts                       White shoes and socks
  • National officials photo ID card                    National uniform jacket or navy blue jacket
  • Hat (outdoors) - the hat may contain your official certification pin or meet pin only
  • Starters (indoor and outdoor) - red sleeves are used; red blazers for TV only

The USATF Uniforms/Equipment/Merchandise page offers uniform items including the National polo shirt, hats, raingear, duffle bags, and other equipment, with sources for ordering items.  To order a blue Certified Official polo shirt ($55.00 plus shipping), go to this link (you will need a code that can be obtained from Rich Schornstein).

For a list of suggested equipment for various events and disciplines, visit the Best Practices library, specifically the "Event Preparations" sheet for your event.


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The United States Olympic Committee has directed all of their National Governing Bodies, including USA Track & Field, to implement the SafeSport training program throughout their organization.  This training program is available free online and can be taken at your convenience. 

SafeSport seeks to create a healthy, supportive environment for all our athletes compete and train.  Through education, resources, and training, we help members of the sport community recognize, reduce, and respond to misconduct in sport. 

All USATF National Staff, registered agents, coaches on the Coaches Registry, youth club coaches and  administrators, and officials are required to complete the USOC SafeSport course.

The SafeSport online training module covers fourteen lesson areas that include, sexual, physical and emotional misconduct; local and overnight travel; bullying and harassment. The training videos in total are approximately 90 minutes long and include four quizzes and a final exam.

The SafeSport online training addresses sexual, physical and emotional misconduct; local and overnight travel; bullying and harassment. The training is in three modules with quizzes along the way.  Full details are available at this link.