High School you attended:
Ursuline Academy (Dallas, Texas), 2007
College you attended:
Rice University, 2012
Major in College:
Psychology, Sociology, and History
Current Occupation:
Running & Writing - In addition to my book (Run the World, published in 2016), I do freelance writing for outlets such as Runner’s World, Outside Mag, PodiumRunner, and more. I also blog at and mainly write about running, travel, and food.
Tell us about your Olympic Trials experience in Atlanta:
My race in Atlanta was a pretty positive experience. I moved up from 40-something a couple of miles in to 16th at the finish. While of course I would have liked to finished higher (who besides the winner doesn’t?), it was a well-executed race and also a lot of fun. Huge props to the Atlanta Track Club for hosting and orchestrating our massive field!
How did you start running?
Ironically, my former college football playing dad introduced my siblings and I to running. We loved joining him for neighborhood loops when we were in middle school, and 100% did the fun runs for the t-shirts. My love took off from there!
What were your best track times in high school?
I was mostly a 300-meter hurdler in high school, and I believe my best time was 46.XX (don’t remember exactly). I only ran the 1600 and 3200 for one season, and my PRs were 5:07 and 11:0X (also a little fuzzy).
#1 High School highlight?
Finishing 2nd in State (TAPPS, Texas’ private school league) in cross-country, the 1600m, and the 3200m
What were your best track times in college?
3000m Steeplechase: 9:48
5000m: 15:57
10,000m: 32:40
#1 College highlight?
Running in the Olympic Track Trials (steeplechase) in a Rice singlet
#1 professional highlight?
Traveling the world as a Watson Fellow for one year right out of college, researching running cultures and training styles in almost 2 dozen countries, and then publishing a book about that journey in 2016 (Run the World: My 3,500-Mile Journey through Running Cultures around the Globe)
Something unique about you that we might not know about you?
I’m part of 2 sets of twins, just one grade apart (both boy-girl sets)
Current Coach?
Jim Bevan, 13 years and counting!
Favorite Workout?
Mile repeats or long tempo runs
Favorite Place to Train?
Dirt roads in Longmont and Niwot
Favorite Food?
Thai, Ethiopian, and Japanese
Favorite Restaurant?
I love Ras Kassa and Community in Lafayette
Favorite music?
Big range! Some favorites are Oh Wonder, Wild Rivers, and Bon Iver
Favorite TV Shows?
Super into documentaries of all types, The Office, and Breaking Bad
Favorite Author?
Michael Pollan, Erik Larson, David Sedaris, David Grann
Favorite Book?
All the Pretty horses (McCarthy), Man’s Search for Meaning (Frankl), Cooked (Pollan), The Prophet (Gibran)
What is your preferred social media? 
Instagram - @beckyswade
If you could have lunch with one person who would it be? 
Dan Pashman, host of the Sporkful podcast
How about dinner?
Michelle Obama
Over the years who have you found to be the best training partner? 
My husband Will and my Ursuline and Rice teammates (can’t pick just one!)
Your Role Model?
Deena and Meb
Favorite Athlete?
Really into Simone Biles right now
What do you foresee yourself doing in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?
I don’t have a timeline mapped out, but I’d like to write another book (or more), build a family, make some US teams, and travel far and wide!

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