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Membership Benefits
Membership in USA Track & Field provides a variety of benefits:
Individual membership benefits
Club membership benefits

Individual Memberships
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What's my password and where do I find it?
   > The password you chose if you registered online
   >  In the confirmation e-mail you received after registration (if you provided your e-mail address)
   >  On the membership card mailer (the backing your card was attached to when you received it in the mail)

Club Memberships
Apply, join, or renew online
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The cost of Colorado Association club membership is $50.00 per year.

Remember, a background check must be completed before a club may become a USATF member club (see details online thru the "renew online" link above).

Club membership News

The National Office is changing the background screening process.  The following information was sent out last month:

-   One key change is that all screens will be two-year screens that expire 2 years from the date they were passed.  Screens will no longer expire on December 31st of the membership year. 

A second key change is that all members taking a screen will be required to upload a photo/scan of their government issued identification.

-   Criteria on the screens and who is required to take screens has not changed.

Processing for club approvals has not changed.  All club coaches and volunteers will need to have a cleared background screen and completed USOC SafeSport course in order for their club to be active in the system.  If any person does not have both of those criteria met, their club will be inactive.

Answers to some of the FAQ's regarding any significant changes from the previous background screening vendor:

  • The NCSI background screening process will continue to be accessed through the USATF website (
  • The cost of the NCSI background screening process will remain at $16.00 for two (2) years.
  • A currently approved TC LogiQ background screen result will remain effective until December 31, 2016
  • The NCSI background screening process will be the same for all members
Criteria for each background screen can be found in Section 4 of the USATF SafeSport Handbook

Membership Numbers:
   >  2016 (YTD September):    Individual - 3,340; Clubs - 109
   >  Calendar year 2015:  Individual - 3,581 (down 2% vs. 2014);  Clubs - 117
(up 3% vs. 2014)
   >  Calendar year 2014:  Individual - 3,641 (up 13% vs. 2013);  Clubs - 114 (up 9% vs. 2013) 


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 Sanction Numbers
   >  2016 (YTD September):      118
   >  Calendar year 2015:  181  ( up  6 % vs. 2014)
   >  Calendar Year 2014:  170  (up 5% vs. 2013)


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