Colorado Association Bylaws

Posted on October 23
Bylaw Changes, recommenced by R. Hopkins for USATF Colorado 
Article II 2. G pg.1
1. add “ USATF”
Art. VII D. 2 Pg.4
1. change “the” to “a”
Art. XV B. (body of sanctioning policy paragraph) pg.18
1......USATF Operating Regulation “23” have been satisfied.
2. Sanction requirements .....USATF Operating Regulation “23”
Art. XVI B pg. 18
Depositories ......belonging to or under the control of USATF Colorado
D Indemnification .....was (an)officer, or official representative of this Association (,)
Operating Regulations
Reg. 3 Championships E NOTE pg. 24
......USATF Operating Regulation 18

Reg. 5 Certification of Road Courses pg. 24
......USATF Operating Regulation 13 D.3