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Please read the Coaches Registry program information before proceeding with the application process.

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The USATF Coaches Registry was originally conceived by the Coaches Advisory Committee to set standards for coaches affiliated with USATF. It includes a four-pronged process, which will create a registry of coaches who have demonstrated the ethics, honesty and trustworthiness necessary for endorsement by the national governing body of the sport.

The USATF Board of Directors, consistent with its efforts to foster a culture of ethical, transparent, and accountable behavior throughout the organization, has directed the USATF National Office to work with the pertinent committees to develop and implement the USATF Coaches Registry. The centerpiece of this program is a comprehensive Code of Conduct (PDF) for Registered Coaches.

Being a Registered Coach will provide a designation to coaches around the country that will flag them as among the most ethical and respected in their field and will carry with it certain rights and privileges not available to those who are not Registered Coaches. Most immediate is that only USATF Registered Coaches will be eligible for obtaining a coaching credential at 2012 USA Track and Field Championships. Click to view: 2012 US Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field- Credential Information.

To become a Registered Coach a coach must, among other requirements, agree in writing to accept and adhere to the principles, values, and strictures embodied in the Code of Conduct (PDF). While the USATF Board of Directors is fine-tuning the language of the Code, it has served notice that only coaches who are eligible under that code and who agree to adhere to its values, as reflected in the draft posted as a prong of the USATF Coaches Registry, will be credentialed at USA Championships.
The following requirements must be completed and approved for a Coach to appear on the USATF Coaches Registry:

  1. Current membership in USATF
  2. An application that lists current affiliation in the coaching profession
  3. Acceptance of the Code of Conduct (PDF)
  4. Passing of a background screen**

Coaches of youth athletes (18 and younger) must complete the "Youth Club: Criminal Background Check" in order to receive coaching credentials at all National Youth Championships. To do so, click HERE and select "Begin Your Background Screen". After completing the Youth Club Criminal Background Check, you may continue the Coaches Registry Application Process by accessing the link below.

The background screen will be provided by National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI). The 2012 fee for a two year background screen will be $16 and is valid for two years. The applying coach is responsible for the cost of the screen. NCSI is the only organization recommended and licensed by the National Council of Youth Sports to use the “Recommended Guidelines for Background Check Screening in Nonprofit Youth-Serving Organizations.” NCSI provides a comprehensive search with the assurance of the highest quality information available, and it works confidentially with each client during the search. The following are included in the comprehensive search:

  1. Identity verification
  2. National Criminal database search
  3. OFAC terrorist database search
  4. Sex Offender registry search of all available states
  5. At least one county search of residency within the last five years

The USATF Coaches Registry is posted on the USATF website. Members of the Registry will be eligible for the following programs supported or managed by USATF:

  1. All benefits of USATF membership
  2. Selections for international team staffs
  3. Compensation from USATF or USOC athlete support programs designated for coaches
  4. Participation in USATF High Performance programs
  5. Selection for participation in USATF sponsored coaching seminars, clinics and Coaching Education programs
  6. Credentials for various USATF events through the approved credentialing program for a particular event

Coaches who are not on the USATF Coaches Registry are not eligible for the above programs.

Registered Coaches will be notified every two years of the renewal process for the USATF Coaches Registry. The renewal process is available NOW for coaches who registered in 2010 and coaches can renew by completing the application and background screen.

Any person misrepresenting information in the application may be disqualified and subject to a review by the Coaches Oversight Committee prior to reinstatement. The Coaches Advisory Committee selects three active coaches from the coaching community who serve in an advisory capacity as the Oversight Committee of the Coaches Registry. All complaints or grievances are handled in compliance with the By-laws of USATF.